Smart, integrated and complete IT-solutions

A solid OEM strategy ensures that your investment pays off, your customers are satisfied and your service people don’t have to intervene more often than absolutely necessary. And a good implementation is a lasting improvement to your product .

Most OEM implementations are tailor made. Can’t find what you’re looking for on this page? Just contact us.

Supplier? No.
Partner? Yes

Working together and being involved from the very start. That’s where our added value lies. With our experience we can spot obstacles and opportunities sooner. We contribute to a solid strategy, a workable plan and a successful implementation.

No matter how manageable or complex your project is: together we will get the very best results. We treat your project as our own. That’s why working with YOT feels like working with your own people.

What we do, we document. This way you secure all knowledge externally. OEM is not a core business for any company. But it is for us.

Heras. Fencing and full service security. Including OT and IT.

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Let’s work together

Video Surveillance

We help you deploy cameras for:

Detection: detect objects or people using video content analysis.

Observation: for a 24/7 view of your properties and assets.

Recognition: recognize persons or objects based on specific paramaters.

Identification: establish the identity of visitors and staff automatically.

Measurement and calibration systems

Specialized equipment often requires extremely accurate calibration. YOT helps you create specific and IP certified systems. For the calibration of Medical equipment, to name just one example.

Weather-oriented OEM solutions

For many businesses, up-to-date data and forecasts about the weather are very important. We help you with systems that collect the relevant data, analyze it and make sure the outcomes find their way to the right decision makers.


We help you discover which parts of processes and installations can work faster and more efficiently. Thanks to systems that – whether or not fueled by external data – take over tasks from people. With a minimum of maintenance. And of course we ensure a flawless implementation.

Multidisciplinary Consultation Solutions

Give the professionals in your organization every opportunity to meet and discuss. Online. Perfect for situations where time is of the essence, and not everyone is available in the same location. A situation that is common in the medical world, for example. We provide a user-friendly system that allows you to consult and share data in real time.

Virtual OEM Service

We help you find the parts of processes and installations that can work faster and more efficiently. Thanks to systems that take over tasks from people. With a minimum of maintenance. And fueled by external data if needed. And of course we ensure a flawless implementation.

AI Implementation

Systems that learn on their own and become increasingly better and more efficient as they do. Perfect for dynamic businesses and processes. But each system is as good as the input and the hardware. Fortunately; that’s a combination you can leave to us.


Even the smallest details get our attention. We are keen on  planning, choice of hardware, maintenance and anything that defines the quality of the end product. Before delivery, but also long afterwards. Because a YOT solution is designed and built for the long term.

Good to know: we deliver worldwide. With the exception of Russia and embargoed countries.

Analysis & Design

Together we analyse the current situation, what is still needed and what can be improved. We can help you develop a completely new subsystem, or make the transition from legacy hardware to up-to-date components. Based on a thorough analysis and your wishes, we find the best possible combination of software and hardware. Within your budget. One of the most important criteria: availability of components, especially in the future.

RFI/RFP/RFQ support

We help you to respond to your requests with a well-founded plan, as detailed as you wish. And that applies to both standard solutions and custom work. Also in these processes, short lines are important to be able to switch quickly. So it’s good to know that you can work together with YOT as you would with your own team.

Testing and validation

We submit systems and software to a number of solid tests. This ensures that we are not faced with any surprises during or after implementation. According to us, this is a hygiene factor that is still too often picked up ‘on the job’. And therefore at a time when there is little or no margin for solutions and alternatives.


We make sure everyone knows what they need to know about a solution. We train all your relevant people, from sales and engineering to the service department


Prefer a system that blends invisibly into your product? Then we take care of rebranding. This way, your brand is reflected on your OEM solution.

Brief and train stakeholders

We make sure everyone knows what they need to know about a solution. We train all your relevant people, from sales and engineering to the service department.

Long life cycle management

Components that we supply within a project remain available. So a solution for now is also a solution for later. If one of the quality components is damaged or no longer functions properly, we can replace it without major interventions. And thus without major delays.

Managed Services

A service that ensures maximum integration of your and our expertise. We share all knowledge and ensure that it is accessible to all involved. For example, we set up a dedicated service desk and offer management services to your customers on your behalf.

OEM, OT & IT: we’ll keep you updated. With our podcasts.


A good start and an implementation without a worry. With YOT, you get clear, honest advice and expert guidance.

OEM Components

We have access to all leading OEM suppliers. So you will get  components of the highest quality. Accompanied by clear agreements on warranty and service.

Consultancy, project management and more

We support your organization in the implementation of new systems and guide the transition from existing to new solutions.

You can count on us for a thorough and rapid response to calamities. And of course we take care of repairs and maintenance.

How may we help you?

Whatever you do or whatever you want to do: YOT has the knowledge of your industry that will move your business forward.