Where and when it suits you, listen to conversations about IT, OT and OEM developments.  With various guests sharing knowledge about the world of OEM from their perspective. Gain new insights and stay informed.

Edition 1 – Why YOT became its own label.

November 2021

Mike Fransen interviews Sven van Boxtel, managing director of Aces Direct. On why you can better serve customers with a separate organization that focuses 100% on OEM.

Edition 2 – OT and IT; it’s complicated.

December 2021

An interview with Stefan van der Wal, pre-sales consultant at Barracuda Networks. A conversation about the organizational gap between OT and IT and ways to bridge it.

Edition 3 – Medical start-up Feuitoa

February 2022

Feuitoa is a medical start-up that knows how to manoeuvre itself in the market between all the big ones. And, like Y_O_T, it has growth pains, many good ideas and a concrete market with a strong need.

Edition 4 – HPE OEM & Matt Quirk

March 2022

We’re not going Dutch this time! A special podcast with our English speaker, leader and technology enthusiast; Matt Quirk.

Edition 5

Coming soon

Please check back in April of 2022.