Each industry has its specific concerns.

Each project demands a different contribution by us.

But you can always count on what sets us apart.

We provide solutions that are partially or fully replaceable in the long term. We go for maximum uptime and a responsible update policy to keep things going. And our solutions work under the most extreme conditions.
These are some of the industries in which we can make a difference.

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We have the solutions that help innovate. Or we will create them. We help gain competitive advantage. To adapt to circumstances like changing demographics and market demands . Or simply because the entire food chain needs to make strides in yield, efficiency and security.

Solutions are moving to the cloud more and more. This requires a focus on cybersecurity and a transition from familiar to new. And then, of course, there’s the increasingly intense drive toward greater sustainability.

ICT, Media and Communication

Data is gold and owners and hackers are constantly trying to outsmart each other. The explosion of ransomware and the paralyzing effect it has on our business, demonstrate the need to secure better, smarter and more thoroughly. In software and in hardware.


Every process can be optimized. “The next big thing” of today is commonplace in the industry tomorrow. The sprint towards producing faster, better and more is gaining speed per hour. Data is an important accelerator. As long as you can use it properly and safely.

Manufacturing is getting smarter, but as a consequence it’s also becoming more and more dependent on solid Operational and Information Technology.


IT and OT are gaining a larger place at the heart of healthcare and the industries surrounding it. But growth comes with conditions. Privacy, strict application standards and data security are essential. Especially now that the cloud is playing an increasingly important role. We help by providing reliable and secure solutions in E-Health, curative care and safe data traffic. Together we will make healthcare smarter. Without losing sight of the people involved.


Optimal mobility gives us the smartest route between A and B.

Even if we sometimes – in order to make it more sustainable – have to take a detour via C.

On the road to that sustainability, we see a major role for OT, IT and the deployment of IOT. Let us help you bring innovative business models to life.

With smart, solid solutions that work as advertised. Uninterruptedly and reliably. Even under extreme conditions.


We help you keep out what needs to stay out. With solid solutions that take into account the people who use it and the people it affects. This is a field that revolves around the balance of security and privacy. We focus on solutions that help protect companies, people and data. Even under extreme conditions. Expertise and creativity help us to come up with a solution that works well within the framework and limitations of the field.

Is your industry not listed?