IT as a critical component of full-service security solutions

When you think of Heras, it’s only logical you think about fencing. But they provide full-service security to their clients. So continuity, reliability and reduction of downtime are essential to them. IT plays a key part in their services. And they chose Aces Direct as their permanent partner for IT solutions.

A fitting solution for every sector

Heras offers suitable IT solutions that meet the security needs of different clients. The objects they secure range from corporate warehouses to educational institutions to multiple locations in the vital infrastructure. But not all locations need the same level of security.  With critical infrastructure such as prisons and drinking water facilities, the threat level is much higher than average, just as the required level of security.

“IT is becoming a larger and more crucial part of our businesses. Many of our customers still rely on analog systems. We help them make the transition to digital.”

Martijn Leertouwer, Product Manager IT equipment en integration bij Heras

Stable relationship. Steady partner.

Heras opted for a permanent partner when it comes to IT.  And by doing so, they guaranteed continuity in business  aesthetics and life cycle management. And with YOT, the gained a reliable partner, of course.

The partnership is not just about supplying new products.  Maintenance is also important. If there is a malfunction, it must be resolved within four hours. This shows how essential a long life cycle is.

How to find the perfect partner?

Heras wrote a tender for switches. But they used a little trick to find the partner they needed. Martijn (laughing): “I deliberately included a product that was no longer available. A good supplier would notice this right away. And they would probably advise against it. Aces Direct was the only party that asked questions about that specific product”.

HP’s Z-Line

“Some competitors employed consumer-grade equipment,” says Martijn. “That’s not an option in our industry. These machines run twenty-four hours a day, for years. That’s why we chose the Z2 Mini and the rack version of the Z4 from HP’s Z line.

After implementation, Heras engineers only have to work with two types of devices. That makes it easier to solve failures within four hours and it decreases the chances for errors.

Heras also has a calamity warehouse with spare parts. “When certain parts are taken from storage, we automatically restock them. So we’re always sure we can fix what’s broken. ” says Mike.

YOT has seven workstations lined up. The setup looks good and feels professional. All the devices are well cooled. The camera images are displayed on several HP monitors, which allow you to view eight images simultaneously in Full HD.

One stop shop

The way Heras works with its customers matches our way of working well. It all starts with knowing and understanding the world of your customer. Trust makes or breaks the relationship. From there it is great to see what happens when you challenge each other to become better together. And to that we add the IT knowledge you may expect from an independent company such as ours.

We have now become a one-stop shop for Heras. We even advise their end customers. That’s how we want to work with our customers: like a real partner.

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