You trust us with the subsystems of your products. You’ve made promises about them to your customers. We are going to help you make them come true. By working with you intensively and in a committed way towards an optimal result. That’s why working with us feels like working with your own department.

IT in service of OT

We look at subsystems through the eyes of both the client and the end user. We believe a solution must work logically, predictably and reliably. So operational Technology is leading. Information Technology helps reach the goal: a solid solution with optimal ease of use and efficiency.

A perfect blend

Together with you, we will find the optimal mix of software, maintenance, investment and replaceability. We make the difference between a standard OEM solution and a secure OEM solution that offers peace of mind and optimal performance. As long as your product life cycle lasts.

From idea to deployment

Much of our added value is in our ability to think and work together with you. We prefer to be at the table from the very first ideas. Because with our experience we spot the pitfalls and opportunities more quickly. We contribute to a solid strategy, a workable plan and success in the implementation.


How can we help you?

Whatever you do or whatever you want to do: YOT has the knowledge of your industry that will move your business forward.