Focus makes it better

With YOT, you get the expertise that is decisive for a competitive edge. But that’s not logical for you to have in-house.

We provide solutions that offer you maximum performance, security and uptime. And with us you get total clarity on maintenance, updates and component replaceability.

We are Your OEM Team. And working with us feels like working with colleagues.

What we do


OEM is a field of expertise. A specialty. A good implementation improves the quality of your product. A solid OEM strategy ensures that your investment pays off, your customers are satisfied and your service experts don't have to intervene more often than absolutely necessary.


Even the smallest details get our attention. We put a lot of time into planning, choosing the hardware, maintenance and more. So we don't have to intervene after the implementation. Still, accidents can happen. And when they do, we're there to help restore everything and get back on track asap.


We have access to all leading OEM suppliers. So you're sure you're getting only the highest quality components. With clear agreements on warranty and service.

This is YOT

YOT is an Aces Direct label. Wat was once a department helping clients with OEM hardware and software services, became so successful, it deserved its own label.

That’s how Your OEM Team was born. Now we are a separate¬† organization with services that seamlessly ‘click’ into our customers’ processes.

What we deliver

We see IT from an OT perspective

Because a solution is only a solution if the end user experiences it as such.

Don’t hand over the responsibility for your subsystems and your intellectual property to just anyone. Trust us with it. And focus on your core activities. Curious about what we can do for you?